I'm John F. Crowley, of the Newark Crowleys, and I extend a hearty handclasp as you swerve off the Information Super-highway and into my refreshingly low-tech 
Cul-de-sac of Doom
So where's the doom?   Well, there's nothing to do here but read stuff. 
Oh, the humanity!

New!  Improved!

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the right John F. Crowley

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What the man in the street 
is saying about my award-winning
Fab Guitars 
of the Beatles

"Most impressive, to say the least. Very mouth-watering, all those guitars." 
Joe Dionisio, U.S.A.

"An interesting and informative site. One that will be bookmarked and used as evidence in many drunken arguments for years to come." 
L.J., Scotland

"Bloody nice information!" 
P.M., England

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If you like Fab Guitars of the Beatles,
you'll love Fab Guitars of The Fab Faux.

Couldn't your house use some Beatles artwork? 
Check out my 
Fab Four wall art .


Are you from Jersey?  I'm from Jersey!  There's some stuff about Newark at
 Newark Stuff.


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     of music. You can sample some of it here.

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